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Welcome to the National Board of Trade, the Swedish government agency for international trade, the EU Internal Market and trade policy. Our primary task is to improve the opportunities for international trade, and we do this in various different ways.


In Focus


New report shows the effects of EU regional trade agreements, EU and WTO membership on trade in goods

EU regional trade agreements increase trade in goods by an average of 48 percent. The higher the level of ambition, the higher the effect. However, even in comparison with the most ambitious trade agreements the EU membership provides four times higher trade in goods, according to a new analysis from the Swedish government agency National Board of Trade.

Effects of additional tariffs on imports to the USA of motor vehicles and motor vehicle components

In a new report, the government agency the National Board of Trade Sweden, analyses the potential economic effects for Sweden, Germany, other EU countries, the United States and Japan if the United States would impose extra tariffs on imports of motor vehicles from the EU and Japan.

23 participants from 9 countries in Sweden for trade policy education

Today, 23 civil servants – 13 women and 10 men – arrive in Stockholm to learn about trade policy for two weeks. The National Board of Trade Sweden organises the advanced trade policy course named Trade Academy.



Analyses and statistics of the consequences of Brexit and the options for a future regulatory framework.

Working in Sweden

New website

Do you want to come to Sweden to work or do business? Information from several authorities.

Movement of Data

Report: Data Flows - A Fifth Freedom for the Internal Market?

Almost all transactions involve the movement of data at some point and our economies are relying on a smooth and free flow of data.

Single Market

The building of the EU-Commission, Brussels, symbolizing the Internal Market Report: The Effects of the Single Market

What are the effects of the Single Market on the free movements of goods, services, capital and persons?

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